Introduction to DIY Tracking

DIY Tracking was started in order to give South Africans the opportunity of making use of the GPS System by using the latest breakthroughs in personal tracking technology at affordable prices. GPS first went active in 1978 but only for the US Military. It was not until the year 2000 that the service was made available to the general public. Early GPS units were very expensive, and it has only been recently that prices have started to fall, making GPS trackers more affordable.

DIY Tracking sells personal and vehicle tracking devices as well as providing a subscription service to a software program that allows you to track the units on line from anywhere in the world on your computer. The software is not essential; you can also use Google Maps. See our Facebook page for more examples. Our prices are very competitive and our tracking products are ICASA registered and legal. We also provide an asset identification system and other home security devices.

Today's GPS tracking devices are small, affordable, and designed to be used by anyone. With them you can keep track of not just vehicles, the much-advertised tracking systems, but also your loved ones and valuable belongings. This means that using our personal tracking system you can easily keep track of your:

  • Children of all ages
  • Elderly relatives
  • Your spouse
  • Pets
  • Vehicles
  • Model airplanes
  • Valuable Belongings


We will provide you with the means of carrying out this personal tracking by yourself at home or on the go, without having to commit to any long term contracts and without having to rely on any third parties to do the tracking for you. We offer you three different ways to access the tracking site, from a secure link on a PC, from a mobile phone or from a portable device. If you don't want to purchase a dedicated GPS tracking device then a GPS enabled cell phone can be used as a tracking unit, just download the software from this site under the downloads menu.

We can also assist people in other countries, if your country is not listed please email us.

DIY Tracking also supplies a special system for marking your valuable possessions such as laptops, cell phones TV's or any other article. These datadots are the modern equivalent of the microdot, and have a unique serial number that can only be read with a microscope, but which identifies the article as being yours. You register this serial number on the database which the police have access to. When stolen goods are recovered the police are specially trained to look for the DataDots and have your goods returned.The second hand goods act requires that the identity of the person transacting be recorded and if there is a suspicion that the goods are stolen it must be reported to the police. DataDots are an excellent means of proving ownership and is verifiable. A copy of the Second-hand Goods Act 2009 is available for you to download in our Downloads section. 

Please visit our Downloads page for all sorts of other information. We hope you find what you need on this site. 


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